Samsung Galaxy S10 Can be Seen With In-Display Camera|How In-Display Camera Works?-

samsung indisplay camera
samsung indisplay camera

There are only several days had past and we now get started rumoured about  Samsung Galaxy S10. We are getting long rumoured about In display fingerprint scanner with its flagship Galaxy smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

From last 6 months, few Chinese manufacturers are already selling smartphones with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

We already all know that the company is working on the in-display fingerprint scanning technology but now the latest leak changed the way of thinking for competitors because a leaked pic confirms the development of an in-display camera.

The earlier leaks hinted for the upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphones to be with an in-display fingerprint sensor. Now, we also expect from the Galaxy S10 to come with the in-display camera technology.


How In-Display Camera Works video?

How In-Display Camera Works?

Technology has major changed in the recent time with major changes like in display fingerprint scanner and now the new thing came is In-Display Camera.

This will work like the front camera will be placed beneath the front display. When a user needs to access the camera then the pixels present over front camera will become transparent and the light will pass through them.

While from a long time we see the best display in Samsung phone then the display which goes transparent will also not disappoint us.

Samsung is also offering IRIS Scanning from their Galaxy S8 lineup so that will also may be work like this In-Display Camera works.


Companies are now competing for going their phone completely bezel-less. Recently OPPO and VIVO offered Pop up Camera to make their display bezel-less.

Vivo NEX launched earlier this year came with hidden proximity sensor and Screen SoundCasting Technology that replaces the physical earpiece.

Let’s just wait and watch the game of tech giant Samsung in the competition of other company. With what configuration Samsung will have their Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10


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