Case study on Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Supply Chain

A division of the Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is one of India‟s fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector.

So today we will talk about the case study on madura fashion and lifestyle. How it works and how it supplys and branding of this corporation.

After its market leadership with its own brands, it introduced premier international labels, enabling Indian consumers to buy the most prestigious global fashion wear and accessories within the country.

Some of the famous brands under the Madura Fashion & Lifestyle umbrella are: Van Huesen, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe,  Peter England,

These brands have an image of attitude, comfort, luxury and style.

The thing makes the supply chain of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle remarkable is the incredible retail presence it has in India.

History of  Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Supply Chain-

Madura Coats Pvt Ltd  Established in 1988 by Madura coats ltd in Bengaluru  1999. Aditya Birla co was also a big name on that time in industry.

So they acquired Madura fashion & Lifestyle to become the undisputed leader in the readymade men’s industry in India.

In 1988 Madura Garments was established as Apparel Division of Madura Coats Limited in Bangalore 1990.

Launched Van Heusen – the power of Dressing 1989.

After that they Launched Louis Philippe – the first National Apparel Brand in India 1993.

Launched Allen Solly – Unconventional ,Allen Solly launched office apparels in colored shirts and Khaki trousers which became a prompt hit.

A brand tagline of Allen Solly “My World, My Way” was formed to show the brand’s new trend. In 2002, Allen Solly became the first Indian brand to introduce work fashion for women.

After that they launched Peter England – Value for Money 2001 – Peter England many get confused with the name and think it as a foreign company but its not it is a Indian company which is into manufacturing many items related with fashion it manufacturers shoes, shirts and pants as well you can say it is a well trusted brand and is know for its good quality

Some people thinks that these are all are solo brands but brands Louis Philippe Peter England Planet fashion Allen solly Van Heusen People The collective Parent Company Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

All these company come in one Umbrella that name is  Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Madura Fashion and Lifestyle is the one of the fastest growing company.The companies’ brand portfolio includes product line that range from affordable and mass market to luxurious high end style.

They Care of every age group , from children & youth to man & women.

Madura Fashion and Lifestyle (MLF) Supply Chain-

MFL reaches growth very rapidly its discerning customer through an exclusive network comparison more than 1,300 stores.

It covering 1.5 million Sq feet of retail space, and at present in more than 2,000 premium multi brand stores and 100 departmental stores.

Bangalore,   Delhi, Delhi NCR , Chandigarh  Pune and Mumbai  Planet fashion the multi brand Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, have the companies’ in house and other brands, is the largest chain of stores of its kind in India.

Products under Madura Fashion & Lifestyle-

Shirts ,Trouser’s ,Denims ,Suits ,T-shirt’s ,Ladies wear ,Pocket square ,Tie Garments ,Shoe ,Belt ,Wallets ,Bags ,Cufflinks Accessories.

Peter England-

My ambitions are anchored in the self belief that I can dream big in India and make it”.


The world keeps evolving and I am always sophisticated , trendy and / or distinctive as different occasions demand.’’

Allen Solly-

‘My confidence and my attitude is my own Its my world and its my way of doing things”

Louis Philippe –

”My obsession is with uncompromising craftsmanship and perfection”.

Pricing strategy-

The pricing strategy followed by Madura garments is psychological pricing psychological pricing is the practice of setting prices slightly lower than rounded numbers, in the belief that customers do not round up these prices, and so will treat them as lower prices than they really are.

Promotions –

  1. Online Advertisements in Social Media
  2. Seasonal Sales with discounts
  3. Dedicated online ecommerce portal
  4. Discount Vouchers distributed through sales.

Advertisements –

  1. Print Media
  2. TV Commercials
  3. Youtube Advertising
  4. Attractive HoardingsPrint Media
  5. TV Commercials
  6. Youtube Advertising
  7. Attractive Hoardings

Major Competitors Wear-

Allen Solly • Provogue • Levis • Wills Lifestyle • Color Plus • U.Spolo • Benetton • Parx • Catmoss • Gini& Johny • Lilliout • Espirit • Tommy Hilfiger • Jackn Jones • Zara • Mango • Promod • Calvin Klein • Diesel

Success Line

  • Allen Solly women’s wear bagged the ‘most admired brand-smart casuals’ at the Images Fashion Awards (IFA) these are also choices for high profile peoples.
  • Success propelled them to extend Allen Solly in to jeans segment (Clean Jeans), a collection of lightweight jeans.
  • In 2004 they extended women’s wear to Van Heusen too.  Allen Solly & Van Heusen together captured nearly 25% share of the market.
  • In 2005 Madura Garment brought international lifestyle brands to India. They continued to explore new avenues.
  • In 2007 Peter England introduces sub brand: Peter England Elite, targeted young working customers aged 20-30.
  • After being successful in both men’s and women’s apparel segment, they decided to enter the untapped kid’s apparel segment.


A manufacturing unit of the company became the first apparel manufacturing unit to win the prestigious quality excellence award.

The Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award, instituted by the Indian Merchants Chambers and the house of Bajaj.

This clearly goes to show the emphasis on quality the company has in the make stage of the supply chain also.

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