Dr. Ujjwal Patni, Biography, Family, Age, Awards

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He is an Indian Motivator, Writer, Author & Blogger.

I am a huge supporter of Dr Ujjwal Patni and find him a distinguished personality among other motivational speakers in India.

Dr Ujjwal Patni, Biography-

Dr Ujjwal Patni was born on 13 November 1973. He is from Chhattisgarh. Dr Patni is very talented and extraordinary since childhood. He is the eldest child among the three children of his parents.

He sadly sitting in one of the interviews that he didn’t understand the meaning of death when his father expired at a young age and he was busy playing with friends.

Dr Ujjwal Patni is a dentist turned himself the author of 6 books published in more than 12 languages.

He is a popular motivational speaker with more than one million audiences across 100 + cities worldwide, business trainer for small as well as giant multinational companies.

An advisor to various Government and private organizations, and a personal life excellence coach.

Over the years, people have been engaged to Patni sir and converting their travelling time into learning time by listening to his motivational speeches through mobiles.

 BIRTHDAY 13 November 1973
 BIRTHPLACE Chhattisgarh
 AGE (in 2020) 46 Years Old
 HEIGHT 5.9 feet
 WEIGHT 74 kg

Dr Ujjwal Patni Education-

He was the first family member attending an English medium school. He was an average student in the study with more interest in chess, drama, debates, and science models rather than in studies.

But his interest changed in the study when after he was enrolled in dental college.

He is highly qualified and educated and holds a bachelor degree in dental surgery with cosmetics as a specialization.

He has a Masters in Political Science, a Masters in Business Administration, Certifications in Consumer protection, human rights, and in many more courses.

After getting admission to the dental college, his passion and seriousness for studies became extraordinary and his interest in education increased with the time.

The journey that he started as a medical student-led him towards a multi-talented personality.

He felt restless on a true call of his childhood dream from deep himself. He listened to his heart and chose to follow his childhood passion.

He was trapped between the career in medicine and his childhood passion; in starting, it was a tough decision at that age. But he realized that life is limitless, amazingly beautiful, and very exciting.

He gives priority to his passion on top of his rewarding career and as a consequence, his life becomes a rewarding gift.

“I evolve as a better person every moment in the process of training and helping others to be happy.” He says.

Dr Ujjwal Patni Awards-

He has a passion for helping people and took a decision to follow his passion and continued with it instead of going forward with a career in medicine.

He soon became a widely known youngest Indian motivational author with a huge fan following.

He is author also so his 7 books are published in more than 14 languages in 24 countries. His books are also part of many reputed university and institution’s syllabi such as National Institute of Technology (NIT) etc to inspire students as well as teachers.

He became the youngest Indian motivational writer whose books have been published in more than 10 languages.

That makes him enjoy with an extraordinary fan following in the remotest parts of the country.

Dr Ujjwal Patni Books-

His books are distributed by Government. Power Thinking, The Bitter truth of network marketing and network marketing – join add a win, Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti, Winners and losers, Great Words Win Hearts,   are his famous books.

His latest book Power Thinking has been published in 07 different languages. Top publications from ‘India Today’, ‘Grehalaxmi’ to ‘The Times of India’ appreciated the book.

His other book The Bitter Truth of Network Marketing and Network marketing – Judo Jodo Jeeto get him the reputation of a fearless writer who presents straight, honest and bitter facts to nail the fraud companies.

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His work has been appreciated by many other writers, artist, saints, political figures and celebrities. His list also includes Joginder Singh (Former CBI director), Dr Kiran Bedi, Dr Raman Singh(Chief Minister), etc.

His name was on the list of ‘Top Ten Indian Thinkers’ and was featured in famous newspapers and TV channels for his work. He has many Guinness World Records with his name.

VIP’ and ‘Excellence Gurukul’ are his programs for entrepreneurs and business organizations to help them. He has franchises with his name titled’ Ujjwal Patni’ in different cities.

He is involved in motivating people with different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and the free mobile app ‘Ujjwal Patni’ through his show ‘The Ujjwal Patni Show’.

Now Ujjwal Patni also helps to the youth of India on YouTube Freely.

He today connected with 1.6 Million Peoples on Youtube.

Ujjwal Patni youtube

His wisdom-

    • Do right Karma
    • with right speed
    • connect people to get inspired
    • make them role models, don’t allow others to control your life
    •  think yourself as a VIP because you are a single piece
    • a very special piece created by god
  • Be a Power Thinker.

Just now when I was about to finish the article, Today morning I saw the front page of Dainik Bhaskar of today, 3 October, that showed Dr Patni dressed as Mahatma Gandhi in dhoti, dupatta, Gandhi goggle, moustache and with a lathi.

His wife dressed as Kasturba Gandhi and all 1000 Gandhi’s from Sabarmati ashram to Gandhi statue at Ahmedabad to make a Guinness World record at an event organized with the blessings of Saint Shri Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj.

Guinness Book of world records officially declared it a world record. So the celebration continues as he enters into Guinness book of world records for the second time by DrUjjwal Patni.

If you want to contact Dr Ujjwal Patni then check their website. To go click here 


Here we all read about Dr Ujjwal Patni, Biography, Family, Age, Awards and struggles success he got in this world. One more person that I will recommend you similar to this one that is Dr Vivek Bindra.

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