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How to write seo friendly article in wordpress –


Friends today we will How to write seo friendly article in wordpress. If you don’t know about How to write seo friendly article in wordpress and searching for it then you are on right place to get every info. about How to write seo friendly article in wordpress and how can we optimize our post and rank on google. First page.

Many new bloggers today when they newly start blogging have a question in their mind that How to write seo friendly article in wordpress 2023. Many less know that Blogging is an art, and using the right blogging tools will make your art rise and shine!

So without wasting time lets get started and dig information about How to write seo friendly article in wordpress. So that you can better understant about How to write seo friendly article in wordpress.

Firstly, we should know about basic so lets start.

What is SEO? and How To Do It in WordPress?

If we talk about SEO in our simple language than we can say SEO is nothing more than a given page’s optimization.

SEO is the way of increasing a website’s authority and ranking on search engine top results pages. SEO helps us create sites that are more friendly search-engine, and sites that deliver a better user experience

We can even be the optimization of the whole website. It’s just that how can search engine optimize and understand about our website.

If a website is ranking on first page of google then it doesn’t means that it is fully optimized website many other things also matters to rank #1 on google.

All these things means that optimizing your site for search results is all about getting the highest score possible on all these points.

1. Keyword research

This is the most critical stage for a new blogger to write SEO friendly article.

a)How to do keyword research in SEO?

Keyword research means just to research what people search and what people’s need from search engine.

Just we have to thing keep in mind when we research for SEO friendly title is we should use long tail keyword(keywords that have more than 4 words)

The tools that I will reccommend you to do best keyword researching are:-

These tools are best in my opinion I  am suggesting all this after deep learning on SEO from India’s top you tuber Harsh aggarwal.

They teach about SEO and blogging on their sites in Hindi an \d English.

Apart from this SEO tools we have other all tactics also like:

  • We can take help of Quora for finding new variations for your specific keyword.
  • Check new keywords on largest online Encyclopedia Wikipedia
  • Read popular platforms and answer the questions of the people that the people are having.
  • The most Important tool for keyword researching is Google Adwords.

b) Spy on competitor and trace from where he getting traffic.

Spying on your competitors before picking the keyword is always a great idea by this if we will publish post before him then our authority in Google SEO will increase rapidly.

That’s how you’re able to understand the tactics used by competitor how rankings will behave when faced with different search terms.

Now, the next question arise how do you find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for?

1.By Manually searches on Google

Using the keywords you wanna optimize for you website and want to rank in top respect to competitor.

Check the results especially the position of your different competitors.

In case there’s a competitor that has a low authority in google sercver, and with poor from social media as far as shares and backlinks are concerned, we can easily come to the conclusion that you’ll be able to rank with some high-quality content and hogh quality backlings from top authority websites that’s both extensive and appealing.

2.We can also Use SEMRush

The easiest way for you to know which you can spy on competitor are the keywords your competitors are ranking for is to use SEMRush.

As you can see above, that this analysis of SEMRush is quite simple.

  1. Copy your competitor’s URL from his website
  2. Check the number of keywords for which your competitor is ranking in SEMRUSH.
  3. Check list of keywords, their volumes, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.
  4. Tip: for a better analysis  of your competitors’ metrics, install MOZ toolbar (one of the essential free SEO chrome extensions).
  5. Tip: for a better analysis  of your competitors’ metrics, install SEOquake toolbar (one of the essential free SEO Chrome Extension.

c)Should use Latent Semantic Keyword (LSI Keywords) 

LSI keywords are the so-called related keywords, synonyms, etc.Means in this keywords are different but have same meaning to our website.

This really is one of the most awesome SEO content writing tips I can give you which will help you in writing seo friendly article and good SEO.

Do you want a tool that can help you with LSI?

 Latent Semantic Keyword (LSI Keywords)

d) Keyword Density vs Keyword Frequency

Some years ago, people used the Black Hat SEO technique known as keyword stuffing. By this they repeat keywords frequently and then they Rank on google.But now google has changed his algorithm and now you cannot use that technique to rank on google.

This was basically technique bloggers/webmasters used the keyword for which they wanted to rank as frequently as possible.

However, this technique soon became a form of spam, not only for search engines but also for users.

When you write a article whatever you do just don’t confuse your readers in article.Then only you can write a impressive article.

Instead of increasing the chances of ranking for one single keyword, you can try increase your shots for more keywords.

2. Choosing SEO-Friendly titles for your blog posts:-

Another thing that matters when we try to rank article on google is choosing SEO-Friendly titles for blogposts.

It’s also one the most important factors when it comes to search engine-driven searches.

For a SEO-friendly blog post, you should try analyzing your post’s context.

Remember: titles are cut on SERPs, title’s length also matters.

There’s a limit of characters and pixels to write seo friendly title you should not cross so as to avoid getting your title cut.

I am going to tell about a new tool so that you can take help from the tool.

Tip: try to be both clear and make sure you use the long-tail keyword at the beginning. Use power words. For e.g.You a lazy guy? No worries!

Check these three suggestions by me of title-generating tools:-

After creating your title, use CoSchedule to check your title’s overall score and analyse more about title.

You can also get other suggestions of great words you can use in your title ?

I personally like applying modifiers to titles.

According to the topic, there are several modifiers that can suit the content

  • “best”
  • “free”
  • “2023”
  • “guide”
  • “how to”
  • “can”

Important: mind it,never forget you’ve gotta use your title in an H1 tag.


Make sure you created a text with many Sub-titles or H2 Tags.

now you think Why so?

Because it becomes easier to read and the titles will give you some SEO rewards!

Don’t forget:

Your Sub-Titles or H2 Tags should contain some of those special keywords and LSI keywords in sub title.

3. Defining your SEO-Friendly URL:-

For you to have an SEO-friendly content nowadays, you’ve gotta understand your URL is extremely important and helps article to rank.

Let me to explain, using these examples to explain my view:

 Avoid ugly URLs:$22=123

 Avoid Long URLs:’t-even-think-about-writing-your-site-url-longer-than-this-one

Here’s what you should  do:

 Focus  SEO-Friendly URL:

According to big bloggers a website’s URL first 3-5 words have more weight.

4. Meta Description-

The meta-description (MD) is the text that’s generally Google uses to show the text results of the second and third lines of search results, the TITLE. It’s important to make sure your Meta description is well-written and appealing.


Because the better written will give you the higher the CTR (Click-Through Rate) will be.

Write a description that explains what your article is all about and use your long-tail keyword.

The idea is simple:

You should concise and write in a simple way but remember that what about readers can earn and how can I fulfill their needs.

5. SEO-Friendly Content:Most Important

You can never forget that for any post to be truly SEO-friendly   by content.

The on thing is Content is the key.

Create content that has quality,  that is appealing in mind of reader and vibrant, informational and specific, detailed and unforgettable.

Without goood content, these SEO content marketing strategy tips will be of no use.

  • You should always create content that’s well written in seo friendly style.
  • You should always create content that’s well written in more tha 1000 words you should avoid to write in this 300 words.
  • The longer the content, will increase chances you’ve got of ranking well.
  • Use your keyword in your blog post’s first 100 words.
Social Sharing:-

Use of social sharing buttons is important  it sends social signals to search engines, increases brand , and also your website’s traffic.

It also improves the user experience.

Fact:- Long form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content

6. Make sure your site or blog is mobile-friendly:-

There’s no need to ask an expert that about use of mobile phones.

Nowdays, around 70% Internet Users are from mobile surfing. So mgoogle permote and boosts mobile friendly websites.

“According to Forbes 99% of smartphone owners use their web browser daily”

Google pagespeed insights by this you can check the speed of your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages-

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is for strategy of building web pages for static content.

There are three main parts of AMP:

  • AMP HTML, which helps build rich content.
  • AMP JS library which renders AMP HTML pages.
  • Google AMP Cache which caches AMP HTML pages.

The purpose of AMP is to allow publishers to create content that loads instantly so that user experience a smooth web surfing , therefore optimizing the user experience and avoiding the frustration that generally comes when we load heavy pages.

7. Use Google Search Console

This used to be known as Webmaster Tool.

Now, it’s called Google Search Console and it’s a tool that you should always use on your SEO path on my reccommendation.It really boosts you google ranking.

Advantages of Google search console

  • It finds  which keywords are driving traffic to your website/blog
  • Gets crawl error notifications  as broken pages, so that you can take care of the issue as soon as possible
  • Checks your website’s link profile
  • Checks your mobile usability
  •  you use the disavow tool (this tool allows you to send a list of all the backlinks you don’t want Google to take into account when analyzing your website/blog)
  • Creates structured data for your pages
  • Submits and checks a sitemap
  • Demotes sitelinks
  • Has rich cards to enhance mobile experience

Bonus Tip:

When you change your title tags and meta descriptions,should track them using Google Search Console for about two months.


8. Internal linking vs External linking

Whenever possible try to create internal link to your previous post.


It’s not advisable to create internal links to topics that have nothing to do with what you’re actually writing about on time.

Take advantage of this internal linking strategy to create links that redirect users to your main categories on posts where that redirection makes sense without sense it can degrade your ranking.

9. Use media and optimize images (ALT Tags)

You should never forget to insert images in your posts so as to get users to read your words and understand for audience.

Both alt tags and title tags power up your message towards spiders and improve your website’s general accessibility.

Must Read: Yoast SEO guide

10.User-friendly layout-

This is another factor that greatly affects your website’s SEO.A good design and  navigation are going to help people easily find what they are looking for.

If you are able to satisfy you audience then he will spent more time on website and this will also affect user’s website authority.

Fact:-  First impressions are 92% design-related. Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people want to read something beautifully designed than something plain layout.


Google does not care if you are the one responsible for malware on your website, or you have been hacked, the website will be  penalized by Google, that is, deindexed from the search results. This will make your all the SEO efforts disappear.

Fact:-   Almost half of webpages in the top 10 now use of HTTPS encryption.


Google want older pages with meaningful updates when it comes to ranking. If you update only consists of changing a few words and sentences, then it is not much impactful. Do revisions and change whole paragraphs or add new updated information.

Fact- Updating and republishing old blog posts with new updated content and images can increase organic traffic by  much as 111%

This SEO-friendly content checklist is crucial role in ranking in google top page.

All bloggers want to rank on google’s first page because from first page they get lot of traffic.

We hope you find this guide useful and that it helps you understand how SEO works and you find answers of questions that are in your mind. Surely, now things are much clearer, but you must also have a lot of new questions.

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