Modicare Business Plan, Modicare Products, How To Join Modicare & Become Modicare Consultant

Modicare Business Plan-

Friends today we will today discuss About Modicare business planIf you don’t know about Modicare business plan and searching for it then you are on right place to get every info. about Modicare business plan and how can we implement that plan in our business and increase and expand.


Modicare is one of the fatest growing,expanding, evolving and developing gradually. Modicare business plan is completely based on Direct Sales.

It provides a sensible chance to become a brand new consultant. It sells it sales its product through direct selling.

You can get Modicare business plan products at Modicare distributers all over India.

Modicare Business Plan - Modicare Founder

Indu Bhushan was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission (ABNHPM).

Some necessary factors about sales and marketing-

Once you become marketing consultant at modicare you should follow these:-

  1. You must use all modicare products.
  2. Contact with individual and share with everyone about Modicare business plan.
  3. Sell mechandise to People.
  4. If you sell product you benifit as well as your gain will increase.
  5. In this business you will get benefit on the basis of BV’s tou got.

Modicare Business Plan - Join Modicare

All incomes of modicare  buisness Plan –

  • Trade Margin up to 20%
  • Offers on Purchase
  • Loyality Program – 20%
  • Performance Bonus 7%-25%
  • Director bonus 14%
  • Out bond travel fund – 3%
  • Dream vehicle Fund- 5%
  • Leadership Bonus -15%
  • DP Comission-8%
  • DP expenses-10 rs /kg
  • Azadi bonus – 5 crore (Yearly)
  • Leadership Expenses.

Modicare business plan explained –

Modicare Business Plan - about Modicare

1. Trade Margin Up to 20%-

Let’s take an example you buy a product of Rs 1000 and you get Worth 1200 when you sell it you get 20% trade  margin. Now , If you use this then this is your saving and if you sell it then this is your margin.

2. Offer on purchase-

Let’s take an example you buy a product of Rs 1000 and you get Rs 100 Free bonus. Some days ago a offer was there in which ₹3000 Ganesh and Lakshami Idol was available in Worth Rs 1299.

3. Loyality Program-

In this program if you are loyal to modicare then it will surprise you with products after every 6 months. This thing we can understand in this way that when we purchase products of worth Rs 2500 before 15th of a month regular for 6 month then we will get a gift from modicare average of all this we puchased in last 6 month. You can Purchase product in diffrent invoices.

4. Performance bonus- 

In this they will check your performance bonus based upon your hard work and team you have.

  • 22% – when BV is above 1500025  – Director
  • 19% – when BV is in between 112525 to 150000 – By Supervisor
  • 16%- when BV is in between 67525 to 112500 – Deputy Supervisor
  • 13% – when BV is in between 30025 to 67250 – Associate Supervisor
  • 10% – when BV is in between 7525 to 30000 – Sr. Consultant
  • 7% – when BV is in between 25 to 7500 – Consultant

BV and DP Ratio-

Over 90% have 60 % BV

5% have 50% BV

5% have %40 BV

5.Director Bonus-

When you become director then you will get share from company total sale from that month.

Director Qualification-150000 BV

Director Requalification -31250 BV

you get 6% BV from your director bonus.

6.Outbond Travel Fund-

For thid facility first you have to get Sr. director post or above it.

1 Leg Director and side BV is 27500.

Modicare Official Website:-

Modicare plan in pdf:-

To see the New rates of Modicare Products available in modicare store Click here.

Modicare Products-

Personal Care, Auto Care,Skin Care, Home Care, Laundry Care,Color Cosmetics, Agriculture, Nutrition, Health & Wellness and Food & Beverage.
Modicare products are developed at  R&D centers by the Company’s own highly experienced technical staff .
Modicare Business Plan - Modicare Products

How To Join Modicare & Become Modicare Consultant ?

If you want to become Modicare consultant, and serve services for modicare you should have below scanned documents:
  •  ID or Address proof
  • Valid Email-Id
  • Mobile Number
  • PAN Card (optional)

Modicare Business Plan - How To Join Modicare & Become Modicare Consultant

Final Words:-

So at last I just want to say that we can also learn something from Modicare Business Plan and implement  in our daily businees to increase profit margin.

So to know deeply about modicare you should check it out their official website.

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