Nestaway Case Study

Nestaway Case Study-

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What is Nestaway ?

NestAway is an online home rental commercial center for males and families. Nestaway gives completely outfitted and very much kept up rooms and pads for lease with no business expense.

The organization is situated in Bangalore and as of now working in 9 distinct urban areas crosswise over India which incorporate Pune, Noida,Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and so on.

Nestaway case study

Nestaway Founder-

NestAway was established by Amarendra Sahu, Jitendra Jagadev, Smruti Parida and Deepak Dhar in 2015.

In June 2014, his companion Jithendra Jagadev’s home in Whitefield turned into the site of a trial. Amarendra remembers:

“We took outfitting from Furlenco, took a few photos of the house, and posted it on Facebook. There were four beds in the 2bhk – all sold in multi day. Out of the seven young ladies who came to visit, six needed it and four got it.”

At the point Amarendra Sahu sterted work in Bangalore in 2004, the software engineering from NIT Suratkal. He experienced difficulty when he was  finding a house lease.

In that era, Bangalore saw quick change –  shopping centers, new flyovers, an expanded inflow of vagrants, yet the battle to discover a house for lease still tormented singles, who additionally needed to think about a lofty development store measure of 5-10 months’ lease.

Unmarried individuals are not the house proprietors’ first decision, and lease in nice regions isn’t constantly known to be sensible. Amarendra proceeded to complete a MBA at IIM-B in 2009 – where he established a startup, Brizz TV, which kept running till 2014.

It’s not only Bengaluru obviously urban transients in India regularly experience inclinations and boundaries while scanning for a leased home.

Amarendra needed to take care of this issue and approached assistance of companions setting up NestAway.

We addressed the organizer, who is a photo of quiet certainty, to discover the startup’s voyage up until this point, and the plans they have for its future.

That was the commencement for NestAway, an online home rental system that built up itself in a shockingly brief time.

Alongside his companions from NIT— Jithendra Jagadev, Deepak Dhar, and Amarendra Smruti Parida,  set out with an end goal to make houses accessible at two months’ lease in store, sans a meeting with the proprietor, particularly for youths.

Unintentionally, his prime supporters were all serial business people as well – Jithu who was Amarendra’s fellow benefactor in Brizztv, Deepak was a piece of the establishing group at Citrus, and run a workmanship commercial center called ‘Sen6’ by Smruti Parida.

It was begun as a stage for lone rangers however later began same administrations for families too.

Idea of Nestaway-

In India, it is relatively unimaginable for a single guy to get convenience at a decent private place. Bachelors rangers are not constantly welcome in local locations without earlier check or suggestion.

The comparative looked for of an issue was looked by one of the prime supporters of NestAway, Amarendra Sahu when he was searching for a home after his graduation from IIM Bangalore.

nestaway founders

He needed to settle this issue and felt this is something an online stage can settle by being an impartial outsider. That is the manner by which the possibility of NestAway stricken to Nestaway originators.

Nestaway Funding-

In 2014, web based business had set up  in India. Yet, NestAway was an administration sold on the web. That time India was searching for rentals in classifieds, a model without monetisation.

NestAway’s was its key plan of action with an annuity. In August 2014, NestAway’s thought that he was gone for with 4-5 houses. They authoritatively enlisted January 2015.

nestaway funding

Speculators additionally identified with the thought – youths require a place to avoid the places where they grew up, all things considered. (This was the time the much-advertised subsidizing of additionally occurred.) truth be told, the group had moved toward two financial specialists— InMobi organizer Naveen Tewar and IDG Ventures India —for seed subsidizing, and both reacted decidedly.

NestAway’s financial specialists are a fascinating blend.

Karthik Prabhakar, (He is Director and Head of Fundraising at IDG Ventures) remembers that he awed by the establishing group. “The authors had past involvement in beginning up and involvement in various fields – Jithu in deals, Amar in ideation, and tasks, Deepak in fund, and Smruti in tech. Spotlight on execution and a strong group with a second layer of administration were additionally their qualities,” he says.

nestaway funding

Comprehensive model-

From offering help while moving in to giving upkeep benefit and paying rent, everything should be possible through its application.  All NestAway homes give bunk, bedding, couch, TV, cooler, clothes washer, and outfitted kitchen.

Interior exchange can be started if a client is moving to another city in which NestAway is available, and one has a home before they achieve the new city.

It gives 1BHK flats to 8 BHK premium manors with swimming pools. Presently, NestAway suits in excess of 1,000 families as well.

Six-month Period is secure for the refundable store, however the occupant needn’t pay anything to NestAway.

Amarendra clarifies the model: “You can lease only a room, or the entire house. Our territory chief will organize the visit as indicated by your inclination. When you are happy with the house, you can book it on the web.

In the event that you remain in the house for three days and don’t care for it for any reason, we discount with full store.” He includes that their prevalence developed principally through verbal, with computerized showcasing spend in the good ‘ol days being under 10 percent of aggregate costs.

Success Confidance-

The likelihood of measuring was auxiliary to Amarendra. About NestAway, he says: “I knew it would work however. It is tied in with giving a wonderful affair to the client in another city. That exchange had a poise; that they are treated as capable grown-ups.”

Other than single family rentals and paying visitor settlement, sharing lofts is the home rental model that is basic in India. Its favorable position is self-evident: working people or understudies can pool in cash and offer a loft, having their own security far from the proprietors even while living respectively.

Amarendra remembers that at first they were reprimanded for not giving the occupant a chance to pick their flat mates. “Be that as it may, it resembles a school lodging; you make companions. Be that as it may, we don’t have houses with both sex living respectively,” he includes.

The Indian home rental industry itself seemed to have been waiting for a disruption. Ashwinder CEO, JLLR (JLL Residential) says that compared to China or the US markets, there aren’t enough homes to cater to every strata of society in India.

The challenges-

We all know that when we work on unique idea biggest responsibility is how can we gain trust of people same thing also happened with Nastaway Business model also the main question which they had to answer to house owners was Why would I trust you with my house?’

Amarendra says 

“We had to address their concerns. So we did the data collection. Of course, owners have the option to reject, although not on unconstitutional terms,”
“If the tenant is not paying you, we will pay you. (It is just insurance; tenants do pay.) If two months of deposit is not enough, we will pay the extra amount,”
“Our commission is a standard 12.5 percent of the total rent. More than 50 percent owners renovate with their own money – for about Rs 1 lakh,”

NestAway Revenue Model-

Now the next question arises how it earns money and bear expenses so I am here to tell you that how they earn they follow a simple marketing strategy.

They charge a standard commission of 12.5 percent of the total rent.

The owners decide the rent, and generally, charge per person around 7,000-8,000 Rupees per month. NestAway comes with very simple revenue model.

NestAway Marketing Strategies-

NestAways’s target audience is young youth that is completing graduation between 22 to 30 years of age. So they focus on digital marketing because their customer spent most time in digitalworld.

Nestaway online campaign #nestawayfromhome was big hit among the youth.

Future Plans-

Each early starter has benefits building a faction. Karthik of IDG Ventures says that the way forward for NestAway is proceeding to manufacture the supply of value homes and giving extraordinary client experience to keep up the energy.

“Benefit will occur in business when an annuity is included. Building more profundity in the urban areas in which they are as of now present, and in addition extending to more Tier I and II urban areas will add to it,” he says, including that worldwide development is additionally conceivable as a high worker populace in specific urban communities exhibits a business open door for long haul rentals.

nastaway case study
source”- yourstory

In any case, he cautions that supply of houses may not be effectively accessible in urban areas without a ton of development.

Amarendra Said :-
Although NestAway aims to gain one million tenants by 2020, they are staying away from hostels, service apartments, or homestays like Airbnb. “We just want to better our consumer experience by 2x every year. In the next six months, we will introduce digital locks for safety, and provide remote access to your maid or kids,”.

NestAway Competitors-

Like any other all business model this also has competitors in their own field. NestAways has several competitors in the market but one that can compete really in this market is “” .  NestAway is India’s largest online home rental marketplace. The reason why Nestaway really stands out is that the homes are rented out by bed spaces, and the furnishings and amenities are standardised.


So after having a long discussion on Nestaway Case Study we get to know about a unique idea in this world how in future we will get to see online home rents.

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