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Reasons Why Mufti is going to rule Indian Market

Here, today we will discuss some points abou Mufti. The reasons why Mufti is going to rule Indian Market.

In the last couple of Year, we are seeing so much growth in clothing industry. After the dominance of e-commerce platforms, the sales also increased in J-curve.

The Mufti is dominating clothing Industry over Big Foreign Brands like Levi’s, Duke, Monte Carlo. etc.


Mufti was launched in 1998, Mufti today has set up itself as a menswear mark that can feel the beat of its objective market and mirror the equivalent in its item advertising.

Mufti has effectively created a personality that has made it synonymous with popular easygoing wear. This has come to fruition because of a determined spotlight on the section that is additionally reflected in Mufti’s lady slogan, ‘whatever else is uniform’.


The investors of Credo Brands Marketing Pvt. Ltd, which claims the Mufti denim wear mark, are intending to move a controlling stake in an arrangement that qualities the organization at Rs600 crore, two individuals mindful of the improvement said.

Established by Kamal Khushlani in 1998, Mumbai-based Credo Brands makes T-shirts, shorts, sportswear and coats. Khushlani holds a 65% stake in the organization while private financial specialists hold the rest.

The two Khushlani and the speculators are intending to move their stakes, the correct quantum of which couldn’t be found out. “The advertisers are in converses with a few US-based buyout assets as a major aspect of moving the business,” said one of the two individuals on state of obscurity. Mint couldn’t check the names of these assets.

So now we discuss some points which helped Mufti to Dominant shares in clothing Market:-

1. Brand vision:

We all know that Brand Vision play a vital role to snitch market holding from competitors. So we all know for this the brand leader plays a vital role to grow a company effectively.

mufti founder

Mufti’s vision comes from its originator, Kamal Khushlani who has fabricated the organization starting from the earliest stage with a reasonable target to make it one of the best worldwide brands to leave India.

2.Thinking all-around:

We all know that to run a big company we have to think in various aspects like in perspective of competition, what customer wants from you with after all these you have to make company profitable.

mufti footwear

So they think all around perspective to survive in this competiton market.

With a wide point of view of the form business, Mufti is extending its item offering by entering the focused footwear section. Similarly as with its different items, the Footwear is planned with styles that are on pattern, yet agreeable, and accessible at available valuing.

3. Breaking stereotypes:

If you want to success in market either you have to be best or apart from the market. Otherwise you will see very difficulty to attract customers to your product.

Same strategy was followed by Mufti which like they made diffrent fashion from the competition. They also started providing discounts on their fashion products.

mufti footwear

So as to accomplish this objective, the brand has entrusted itself with a straightforward command, to be offbeat and break the generalizations of standard design and make its own benchmark that guarantees that the brand stands separated in a swarmed commercial center.

4. Omnichannel presence:

As I told you earlier that diffrent from competition leads your business to next level. So same thing Mufti followed.

As a brand that has dependably been on the ball, Mufti has additionally guaranteed that it has an omni-channel nearness for purchasers to have numerous alternatives, the two ticks and blocks to search for Mufti items.

Alongside an India nearness of 280 selective brand outlets, 1200+ multi-mark outlets, 100+ huge configuration stores like Shoppers Stop and Central, Mufti is additionally present on all real internet business gateways including its very own online business site

mufti store
mufti store

Mufti’s development and its tentative arrangements, are driven by its initiative group and their capacity to adjust to new patterns and changes in the market. The brand has settled on keen options and is coordinating its cooperative energies with an unmistakable spotlight on the future and new target groups of onlookers.

5.The Right Brand Ambassador:

We all know that brand ambassador describe the image of brand in front of customer. He clarify the image in front of audience. Which impacts on company’s growth.

Having established a distinct identity over two decades, Mufti has signed on its first brand ambassador not only as a celebratory step but also as a statement of intent that the brand is ready to compete in a larger playing field.


In keeping with its ethos, Mufti signed on actor Kartik Aryan, whose fun, easy-going and youthful persona is perfectly in sync with the brand’s image and will further strengthen its connection with the target audience.

Last Words:

So today we get knowledge about the marketing strategy of Mufti, these can be applied in our business also. These businesses teach we alot if we mandator carefully their strategy.

The Mufti brand is available in 110 large format stores, 1,400 multi-brand outlets and 250 exclusive brand outlets in India.

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