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Today we will see the conclusion of Sandeep Maheshwari session. In our modern lifestyle always we have many problems our mind gets frustrated we just go to depression. Our vision on the future becomes blurred due to family pressure social issues and then we go to depression. So Sandeep Maheshwari CEO of Imagesbazaar conducts a free session to help our young Indian youth. They tell us the way to live life and comes out from the short problems that we face in our daily life.

How to make your mind quiet and peaceful:-

To make your mind peaceful you should start to believe in reality and start to differentiate between the reality of life and illusions of life.

In our life, we just stuck to illusions and stuck with these. Like this we can not get success in our life. So for a detailed explanation about How to make your mind quiet and peaceful you should check the video given below. With peace, mind relates to your life and try to understand.

Sabse bada rog kya kahenge log –

In this session Sandeep Maheshwari talked about the thinking of people, the way people care about the society and because of fear of that What people will say most of our youth ruin his/her life.

He will never try what he want to do, In what he is interested then he fails and goes to depression thinking that he can’t do anything in life.

So for this in this session everything is explained in detail about thinking and solutions of the people for their problems.

Speak English with Confidence – By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi & English Speaking Practice-

In this sandeep maheshwari sir talked about the difficulty faced by the Indian youth when they try to speak English in front of anyone else. Most of our young youth can understand English but not able to speak. English very frequently when they go for any interview or anything else.

Extraordinary Communication Skills – By Sandeep Maheshwari I Personality Development in Hindi-

Communication skill should be good it is a very necessary part that we have good communication skill. If we will not have good communication skill then we will not able to communicate properly we will not understand that face people want to say and we will not also express our feeling in front of anyone else.

It does not mean that these skills are limited to this only. In this video we will understand better ways about communication skills.

Why Don’t I Earn Money From My Sessions? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi-

Everyone in this modern era is just searching for new ways to earn money from different sources but this man Sandeep Maheshwari has World’s largest Non-monetised youtube channel. He currently has 14.7 Million (Updated on 10 May 2020) subscribers on youtube and one of the largest youtube Channel in India.

From his youtube account he can earn about 5 Crore to 20 Crore per year by monetizing his channel but he had not enabled youtube channel.

So, in this video he explained the reason why his youtube channel is not monetized.

His thinking level will definitely change the way you think about anything.

Stop Getting Distracted – By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi I Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused-

In this teenage and after teenage youth is not able to give attention to one thing. The mind is distracted in various directions. They go off track from their career. They think everything is over and get into depression.

DIstraction of their minds leads to going away from their targets and goals that they have set for themselves.

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