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Friends today we will study about  Zomato Case Study. If you don’t know about Zomato Case Study. and searching for it then you are on right place to get every info. about  Zomato Case Study.

Today we will also talk about Zomato marketing strategy. In which we get to know about how zomato markets its product in comparision to its competitors.

zomato case study

Zomato: Case Study-

When you go over a post which makes you grin or makes you share it on the social stage or makes you label your companions; view that post as commitment cordial. So now we will read in detail about Zomato Case Study.

Nourishment disclosure mark Zomato is the ideal case of commitment via web-based networking media.

zomato case study
zomato case study

Zomato contextual analysis is justified regardless of a perused contextual analysis for all perusers.

Know, for what reason is it vital for brands to connect via web-based networking media gatherings and how Zomato does that extremely well.

As a matter of first importance, let us find out about Zomato.

Zomato According to Wikipedia-

Zomato is a large business which is now expanded in 24 world wide countries. It helps the people online listing for the restaurants which are not listed online.

Zomato’s foundation was led by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company was initially started with title “Foodiebay” in 2008 later renamed as Zomato in 2010.

zomato logo

It provide reviews, Images and feedback for restaurant which is not specified on Internet.


Zomato provides information for various restaurant to people and allow them to analyse and find best one for them.

Zomato allows customers to compare between their favourite restro.

About Founders-

Like all other Startups these two are also from Bachelor in technology (B.tech)

Pankaj Chaddah: Pankaj Chaddah is co founder and COO of Zomato. He is also an IIT Delhi alumni of 2007. Pankaj graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He also worked in Bains and Company in Delhi.  In fact, Deepinder and Pankaj met first time with each other in Bains only.

zoamto case study
zoamto case study

Deepinder Goyal: Deepender Goyal is co founder and CEO of Zomato.  He is an IIT Delhi alumni. Deepender belongs to Muktsar and currently residing in Gurgaon with his family.

He also worked as Management Consultant in Bains and company in Delhi. After some working in job he get idea about Zomato business plan. If you want more detail about Zomato Case Study

Birth of Zomato-

At some point while working at Bain and Company, Deepinder saw individuals lining up in the bottle each day endeavoring to search for menus to arrange nourishment and that is the point at which the thought struck into his mind that imagine a scenario where we could get to these menus on the web.

The clients can utilize this site will give full data about eateries and occasions (e.g. menu cards, contact points of interest, pictures, bearings, rating, and surveys) to the clients.

One can likewise get a conclusion about the eateries through the surveys composed by individuals who have just visited the place.

At that point Deepender Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah took a shot at the thought and began Foodiebay in 2008 while keeping working in Bains.

The two originators used to get together on ends of the week and worked for Foodiebay. They exited Bains and friends once the business achieved 4 unique urban communities and they had couple of customers close by.

Later they changed the name to Zomato

Zomato Journey –

In November 2010 Foodiebay renamed as Zomato in light of the fact that did not have any desire to confine themselves to Food business so the authors concocted new name Zomato.

In 2011 Zomato propelled in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Around the same time, Zomato propelled its versatile application for Android and ios.

In 2012 organization propelled a print variant of the site in relationship with Citi bank “Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide” and it has been proceeded with consistently after that.

Around the same time, Zomato extended abroad to UAE, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and the UK and so on and to New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil in one year from now.

After that Zomato is extending constantly to the worldwide market and in India too. It is positioning at 523 number by Alexa, a web activity information investigation organization possessed Amazon.

Zomato professes to have 90 million month to month visits on its site and versatile application.

Zomato Business Model-

Most importantly, this brand has an across the board internet based life nearness. Internet based life Management is pivotal for any brand or web based business.

Zomato follows a very simple business model. In Starting fresh city some number of people and clients are assigned in each city to collect data about the restaurants and clubs in that town.

There is a centralised team also which is on that clients and assigned people. Then the data is processed and then put on website.

Zomato Case Study is a very inspiration out of the box story.

There is a small team also which sells the website to restaurant owner to and attract them to advertise. 92% revenue generated from advertisement from the local restaurant.

Zomato.com has progressed significantly from helping the clients to discover different eateries in the close-by territory or a particular area to drawing in with them on Social Media.

zoamto case study
zoamto case study

Subsequently, Zomato.com has helped end number of clients on the grounds of contact points of interest. Like online menu, eatery surveys, pictures of different dishes offered by the specific eatery, client proprietor criticism and the most recent online requests.

Since it was specified before too, you are presently mindful that Zomato.com has an insane connect on Social media. It has a figured out how to keep up its Social Media Engagement in correlation with different brands.

Zomato.com has figured out how to comprehend the Facebook Algorithm. For a reality, Zomato.com is eminent for its online networking commitment; particularly Facebook Engagement. To find out about Facebook Engagement, compassionately read this article on ‘What is Facebook Engagement?’.

Current Topics-

Numerous in the United States and individuals over the world think about the outskirt issue between the United States and Mexico.

Recently chose President Donald Trump had guaranteed that he would guarantee that Mexico would construct the divider between the two countries and pay for it.

Zomato.com had some extraordinary plans in their psyche. Current subjects were identified with nourishment. “Taco sweethearts” would have without a doubt responded to this post in substantial numbers.

Such posts leave an impact on the internet based life group of onlookers.

Zomato case study
Zomato case study

Audience Connectivity –

They uses keywords which are pre set in the minds of customers ‘How I ate your butter’.

zoamto case study
zoamto case study

There is more. Check this.

zomato case study
zomato case study

How is it possible. Indians can not foget this Demonetisation of 2016

zomato case study
zomato case study

Do you not think it is similar to Game of Thrones

Like all this from social platform and any other stages they use these strategy so that people can relate them alol easily.


Zomato.com has been an ace of using this type of commitment. There are huge amounts of precedents to feature how examinations have been done by Zomato.

There two arrangement of individuals who eat.

zomato case study
zomato case study

The individuals who eat a great deal yet they keep up their weight, while other people who are overweight.

Two different ways how individuals eat,

Amazingly, one more wonderful picture which exhibits: Sophisticated individuals eat with Spoon and fork while.

zomato case study
zomato case study

However, the best one is here,

There are two different ways individuals eat Pizza.

They are –

zomato case study
zomato case study

You can identify with such pictures just by taking a gander at it. You will like, share, remark, prescribe to other people. That is the thing that Zomato needs, commitment with you, connection with you, a genuine client.

Young ladies and Boys

zoamto case study
zoamto case study

Young ladies tend to check the dish and choose what to eat, while Guys. They needed to take a gander at the cost of each dish.


You wouldn’t pass up a major opportunity this.

zomato case study
zomato case study

It is identified with your nourishment propensities. Zomato utilizes data illustrations in a way which crowd can relate as well. 96% of the adolescents would identify with this picture effortlessly.

Funding For Zomato-

Between 2010 to 2013 organization raised around 17 million dollars from a venture organization Info Edge.

At that point in Second round of interest in 2014 Zomato raised 60 million dollars from Info Edge and Vy capitals.

In 2015 organization raised another 110 million dollars. Altogether Zomato has raised around 225 million dollars financing from four speculator Info Edge, Vy Capitals, Sequoia India, and Temasek Holdings.

zomato funding
zomato funding

Zomato Acquasition-

In July 2014 Zomato obtained Menu-Mania for an undisclosed sum and after that organization likewise gained Lunchtime.cz from the Czech Republic and Obedovat.sk from Slovakia.

zomato acquasition
zomato acquasition

In April 2015 organization obtained a Delhi based organization called MapleGragh and a US based table reservation organization Nextable.

Zomato security breaches-

If we are talking about Zomato Case Studyso we should also talk about its secaurity breaches and controversies.

On 4 June 2015, an Indian security specialist hacked the Zomato site and accessed data around 62.5 million clients.

Utilizing the helplessness, he could get to individual information of clients, for example, phone numbers, email locations and Instagram private photographs utilizing their Instagram get to token.

Zomato settled the issue inside 48 long periods of it getting to be apparent.

On 15 October 2015, Zomato changed business procedures from a Full-Stack market to an Enterprise market[clarification needed. This drove Zomato to lessen of its workforce by 10%, or around 300 people.

On 18 May 2017, a security blog brought Hackread guaranteed more than 17 million records had been broken.

Zomato Database Data Leak-

“The database incorporates messages and secret word hashes of Zomato clients, while the cost was set for the entire bundle is $1,001.43 (Bitcoins 0.5587).

The merchant likewise shared a trove of test information to demonstrate it is genuine”, the Hackread’s post said.

Hackread asserted subtle elements of 17 million clients had in the interim been sold on the Dark Web.

Zomato affirmed that names, email addresses and encoded passwords were taken from its database.

The organization consoled influenced clients that no installment data or Mastercard points of interest were stolen.

Zomato said the safety efforts it utilizes guarantee the stolen passwords can’t be changed over once again into ordinary content, yet despite everything it encouraged clients who utilize a similar secret key on different administrations to transform them.

It likewise logged the influenced clients out of the application and reset their passwords. “Up until now, it would seem that an inner (human) security rupture – some worker’s improvement account got traded off”, the organization said in a blog entry yet later.

when Zomato reached the programmer, they found a proviso in their security.

The programmer expelled the stolen content from Dark Web requesting a solid bug abundance program.

Final Words-

Now finally just I want to say that I think you enjoyed reading article and knowing the journey and the Zomato Marketing Strategy and Zomato Case study.

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